Mark is a typical 17 year-old and when invited to an eighteenth birthday party in a club by hot girl Frankie he finds it difficult to say no. Pass up the invite and he misses a chance to meet up with Frankie. Accept the invite and he’ll have to run the door-steward gauntlet with a fake I.D. Not to mention break the law. The question he must ask himself: Is it worth it?

Unight Aberdeen is a partnership of Aberdeen city centre night-time venues, Grampian Police and the Safer Aberdeen partnership. For further information go to


The Unight Aberdeen resource ‘Is It Worth It’ was developed in local partnership in order to highlight consequences for young people who may try to enter licensed premises using fake, false, borrowed or stolen ID as proof of legal age for entry and consumption of alcohol. This has become an important issue as legislation relating to the use of falsified identification was changed with the introduction of the Identity Documents Act (2010). 


Included within the Act is legislation that specifies that possession or use of false identity documents is a criminal offence. As a result this resource has been developed in order to raise awareness of the new legislation and its potential consequences for all young people who live in Aberdeen.